photo by Andrew Kearns

Clean Mill Valley Marches Against Litter at the 2023 Memorial Day Parade!

With the help of Spot the Dalmatian, our dedicated team of Clean Mill Valley volunteers drew smiles and cheers along the parade route on Memorial Day, 2023.

Why Spot, you ask? Spot inspires Mill Valley residents to “Adopt a Spot,” meaning choose a spot near your home, business, or any other favorite place and keep it spotless. Stop trash from flowing into our streams and ultimately the Bay and ocean. It’s easy and feels good!

Pick up litter when you see it, or claim your Spot by contacting our valient coordinator Jill Young at There is more about the program in the sidebar. Adopt a Spot today!

Photos courtesy of Joan Murray (top) and Jeff Conley (bottom)

Welcome to
Adopt A Spot!

Some of our members have already adopted spots where they regularly pick up litter. We are seeing good results, but we need more hands! We are encouraging people to pitch in and adopt a section of a street in their neighborhood, an area of a favorite Step, Lane or Path, or an unsightly corner at a bus stop. We hope our combined efforts will help keep our town, its creeks, marshes and Bay clean.

If you have any questions or would like to pitch in and officially adopt a spot to clean up, please contact Jill at

This will help us to coordinate our efforts and spread the word about Adopt A Spot!

By the way - Adopt A Spot is County-wide. Marin County and a number of towns have joined the movement. Check out the CleanMarin website for more information about the program in your area.

Adopt A Spot logo design by Mary Osborn

Would you like to report litter on the highway? Click here to file a report!

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