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Clean Up Scheduled in February!

Join us for litter removal, unless it’s raining, on Thursday, February 23, at 8:30am. We will meet at the Starbucks near the Safeway in Mill Valley. We plan to clean along Camino Alto from Miller to East Blithedale. If enough people join us, we may be able to spread out and cover a larger area. Bring your garden gloves and a picker, if you have one. We do have a couple of extra litter pickers for loan, as well as many garbage bags and several safety vests.

For further information, contact Joan Murray at joan@cleanmv.orgor call (415) 388-3614.

Welcome to
Adopt A Spot!

Some of our members have already adopted spots where they regularly pick up litter. We are seeing good results, but we need more hands! We are encouraging people to pitch in and adopt a section of a street in their neighborhood, an area of a favorite Step, Lane or Path, or an unsightly corner at a bus stop. We hope our combined efforts will help keep our town, its creeks, marshes and Bay clean.

If you have any questions or would like to pitch in and adopt a spot to clean up, please contact Jill at This will help us to coordinate our efforts and spread the word about Adopt A Spot!

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Students Use Art to Get Their Message Across

The Marin School of Environmental Leadership (MarinSEL) members at Terra Linda High School have discovered a creative and fun way to educate their fellow students. They plan to place this cartoon cutout in a hallway with a bag to collect trash and ask students to sign a pledge not to litter.

In the photo on the right (taken by Jill Whitebrook), two students demonstrate. Jack is facing the camera as Cole puts the final touches on the cutout. Your Mission: Take a picture and take the pledge! For more about this terrific group, see the story below.


MarinSEL Students Clean Up Las Gallinas Creek

Students from the The Marin School of Environmental Leadership (MarinSEL) at Terra Linda High School gathered on a Saturday to remove debris from Las Gallinas Creek. It was an An impressive sight as these four students made their way in kayaks to remove debris and prevent it from going out into the bay and beyond. (see photos below)

Clean Mill Valley’s Joan Murray and Marin Clean Highways’ Vicky Dehnert and Jill Whitebook, are advisers to the group of six sophomores whose project they have named “Refuse Refuse”. Joan, Vicky and Jill lead the umbrella group of Clean Marin. One primary goal is to bring communities in our county together to work for a common cause and educate all age groups in Marin about the negative impact of litter to our environment.

One of our students spoke at a San Rafael City Council meeting during Public Open Time about their work and plan to be back at the end of their project to present their research and findings to the city council. They are working to create educational outreach to elementary schools.

Photos provided by Matt O’Brien and Joan Murray (upper right)

We are also working with other students at schools in Marin and welcome any teacher or student to contact us about earning community service hours or obtaining an internship with Clean Mill Valley. Contact Joan Murray at for more information.


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