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Clean Mill Valley is Five Years Old!

Local Cleanup Organization reaches a milestone

In November of 2012, a group of local activists got together to address the abundance of litter in Mill Valley. The group included representatives of the Outdoor Art Club, the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center, Mill Valley StreamKeepers, Mill Valley Rotary Club and other residents who were eager to save our wildlife, streets and waterways from the negative impact of debris that is too often present and sometimes ignored.

Fast forward five years later, and Clean Mill Valley, the result of that gathering, is a multi-faceted organization dedicated to the beautification of Mill Valley. Clean Mill Valley programs include working with merchants, schools, government agencies and other environmental organizations to prevent litter from getting around. Nearly 200 local businesses are members of Clean Mill Valley, having pledged to keep their premises litter free and even train employees about recycling.

"While our many cleanups over the last five years have had a big impact on our environment, it is our advocacy and educational efforts that we think have made the biggest changes," co-founders Joan Murray and Jill Young said. "We work with City of Mill Valley’s Public Works Department, whose staff provides us with the large orange garbage bags that you may see as we fill them. And when objects are too bulky or heavy for us, they will retrieve them for proper disposal. Thank you Public Works!

Welcome to
Adopt A Spot!

Some of our members have already adopted spots where they regularly pick up litter. We are seeing good results, but we need more hands! We are encouraging people to pitch in and adopt a section of a street in their neighborhood, an area of a favorite Step, Lane or Path, or an unsightly corner at a bus stop. We hope our combined efforts will help keep our town, its creeks, marshes and Bay clean.

If you have any questions or would like to pitch in and adopt a spot to clean up, please contact Jill at This will help us to coordinate our efforts and spread the word about Adopt A Spot!

Adopt A Spot logo design by Mary Osborn
Photo by Jim Stephenson

Tam High Delivers an Important Message!

Anyone driving, walking or riding past Tam High when its dark can read the school’s electronic sign about littering being a social disease. That spot near Miller Avenue and Camino Alto is a strong magnet for litter and debris which winds up in our marsh and in the bay. We hope that others heed the message.

Rockin' the Decal!

Mill Valley Refuse Service partners with Clean Mill Valley!

Pictured on the right are Jim Iavarone, co-owner of Mill Valley Refuse Service, Mill Valley resident Jose Cacho, Jr., crew member of the Mill Valley Refuse Service team, and Jill Young, co-director of Clean Mill Valley. Note the Clean Mill Valley decal on the windshield of the Mill Valley Refuse Service Truck. They are on every one of the garbage company trucks as a statement of our partnership with them to Keep Mill Valley Clean. Thanks guys!

Photo by Jim Stephenson.

Clean Mill Valley
Goes Global

Betsy Bikle, a board member of StreamKeepers and a volunteer with Clean Mill Valley, adopts spots to clean wherever she goes. Here she is removing litter near the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa. The girl can’t help herself.

Thanks, Betsy, for showing that Americans CAN clean up the environment!

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