photo by Andrew Kearns

Get Involved!

Join us at our monthly meeting on the second Thursday of each month at the Outdoor Art Club. We meet at 7:00pm and all are welcome.

Please contact Joan Murray at for more information.

Check our Facebook Page for future clean-up dates.

Students Get Involved!

Joan Murray talks to Mill Valley Middle School student members of the Green Team about Clean Mill Valley and getting started on a new project with the students.

Clean Mill Valley volunteers work with individual students, classes, and even Girl Scout Troops, acting as advisers to help develop greater awareness about litter in their schools and in their community. Each project is different and driven by the students themselves. Check this website for future posts on their successes.

Photo by Julie Hanft

Join Us!

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Cool Product!

I Love My Grabber!

So says Joan Murray, shown here demonstrating her pick-up technique. Check out this helpful item for all your pick-up needs!

PikStik Pro


PikStik Pro is a multi-purpose reacher designed for all uses.

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