photo by Andrew Kearns

Before and After

Friends of Clean Mill Valley (CMV), and our volunteers, usually go quietly about their work. We are persistent in our efforts to address litter that threatens our environment or is a blight in our community. Lisa Durant, parent of a former student at what was the Greenwood School, began contacting the property management at the building at the corner of West Blithedale and Buena Vista about the state of their garbage and recycling containers in plain sight. After Lisa’s move from town, CMV continued to focus with the property management company and the City of Mill Valley to address the eyesore. Note the before and after photos below and thank the activists who are drawn to our mission.

photos by Joan Murray

Welcome to
Adopt A Spot!

Some of our members have already adopted spots where they regularly pick up litter. We are seeing good results, but we need more hands! We are encouraging people to pitch in and adopt a section of a street in their neighborhood, an area of a favorite Step, Lane or Path, or an unsightly corner at a bus stop. We hope our combined efforts will help keep our town, its creeks, marshes and Bay clean.

If you have any questions or would like to pitch in and officially adopt a spot to clean up, please contact Jill at

This will help us to coordinate our efforts and spread the word about Adopt A Spot!

By the way - Adopt A Spot is County-wide. Marin County and a number of towns have joined the movement. Check out the CleanMarin website for more information about the program in your area.

Adopt A Spot logo design by Mary Osborn

Our Hero!

Photo by Joan Murray

Keith Wedmore is 90 years old and still walks in Old Mill Park twice daily. On his forays he picks up litter, so if you’re in that park without trash scattered about, you have Keith to thank for it. Think about a spot you can adopt! The Spencer Avenue Bus Pads on Highway 101, both North and South, are available for adoption via CalTrans. Contact Michael Jevicky for more info.

Would you like to report litter on the highway? Click here to file a report!

Tam High Cleans Up

Members of the Outdoor Art Club, Tam High School students and volunteers from Clean Mill Valley teamed up on Saturday, April 2nd to clean the Tam High campus and the surrounding area.


In less than an hour and a half, almost 250 gallons of trash was collected. Discarded masks were common as well as many corners! Corners, you say? Micro-litter has become ubiquitous and people seem less cautious with tossing the corners of packaged snack foods. Corners can be fatal to wildlife so spread that word.

photos courtesy of Joan Murray






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